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Calcite ultrafine mill machine

Calcite ultrafine mill machine, with hydraulic system to adjust the size of the discharge port, the hydraulic system can effectively ensure the safe operation of the equipment.When there is a foreign matter in the grinding chamber, the hydraulic system can automatically retract the cone. Calcite ultrafine mill machine is grinding using large diameter spindle, heavy main frame and independent thin oil lubrication system of automatic control system to ensure that the equipment durable, reliable operation.

Calcite ultrafine mill machine grinding using dry oil seal form, so that stone powder and lubricating oil isolation, reducing the lubrication of pollution, but also to prevent the dust diffusion on the environment pollution, cost savings and improve operational efficiency. And can be completed with large pieces of calcite grinding, effectively solve the side of the calcite supply tight, while storing a large number of large calcite cannot use the problem.

ultrafine mill machine

Our company's ultrafine mill machine has been successfully operated and efficiently produced in a number of calcite processing plants, and has been unanimously approved by the customer. The entire system to increase the silo automatic alarm system and detection system, and all the design, installation, commissioning is free.Our customers are very satisfied.

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