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Ultrafine mill machine and vertical mill What is the difference?

Ultrafine mill machine same as Vertical Mill, one of the most widely used ultra fine grinding equipment in the ore processing industry. It can be mainly used in raw materials operations in many industries such as mining, building materials, transportation and chemical industry. It can also be used for making fine and medium fragmentation of various hard and brittle materials such as abrasives.

Ultrafine mill machine and vertical mill applicability: Mainly used in calcite, limestone, marble, kaolin, barite, aluminum hydroxide, gypsum, iron oxide, iron oxide green, clay, coal, activated carbon and other humidity Less than 9% of conventional materials grinding and grinding, such as non-flammable and explosive ultra-fine powder processing Mohs hardness of 6 below.

Ultrafine mill machine structure: Mainly by the host, blower, ultra-fineness analysis machine, finished product cyclone plotter, bag filter and duct connected to the composition, according to user needs barite mill can be equipped with hoist, Storage silos, control cabinet, to the powder machine, crusher and other auxiliary equipment.
Ultrafine mill machine

Vertical mill uses the principle of grinding machine for ultra fine grinding, to avoid the impact and wear between the metal, metal wear less, high product whiteness; the use of circulating wind mill, built-in high-efficient internal classification to avoid Over-grinding phenomenon, thus reducing the useless consumption, high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption; finished product delivery can be hoist conveyor and pneumatic conveying two, simple and convenient, easy to operate and control. The whole process is simple, single output, sealing performance, vacuum operation without dust, the product quality control and quick, flexible replacement products.

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