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Is power consumption of the ultrafine mill machine high?

Once introduced, the ultrafine mill machine has been loved by users. It has brought tangible benefits to the users and is a cost-effective grinding mill machine. When we introduce this device to customers, many customers will ask such a question, saying that ultrafine mill machine is a large and medium-sized grinding equipment. Is power consumption in normal operations high? Of course, the power consumption of the ultrafine mill machine is also determined by its model.

The ultrafine mill machine is based on the original Raymond grinding mill technology and the introduction of advanced German technology. The performance improvement of the ultrafine mill machine can only be felt by the users who have used it, but the improved ultrafine mill machine consumes There has also been great progress in electricity.Now everyone is pursuing the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, so the ultrafine mill machine is also keeping pace with the time. Naturally it is energy saving and environmentally friendly.

ultrafine mill machine

When it comes to the power consumption of ultrafine mill machine, the different types of ultrafine mill machine use different amounts of electricity, but the calculation formula is the same, and the power is multiplied by the time, for example, the power of a small ultrafine mill machine. It is 20kw, working an average of 10 hours a day, then the electricity consumption of this ultrafine mill machine is 20kwX10=200kw per day. That is, this ultrafine mill machine consumes 200kw per day, which is 200kW. Whether it is an ultrafine mill machine or other types of grinding mill machine, the power consumption is calculated as such.

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