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Pulverizing Production Line with Annual Production of 200,000 Tons

It is recommended to build a milling project with an annual output of 200,000 tons of perlite production line. It is recommended to choose strong and experienced mill manufacturers for cooperation. Clirik provides design services for milling production lines and can create EPC turnkey projects for perlite production lines to provide targeted services to customers' diverse milling needs.
After economic development and application technology upgrades, the perlite production line has also been continuously upgraded and integrated. The current perlite production line is worthy of promotion is the use of modern mill equipment recognized by the industry, including vertical mills, PLC electronic control systems, elevators, Feeders, fans, pulse dust collectors, packaging machines, conveyors, calciners and other equipment. The outstanding features of Clirik's perlite production line are the high efficiency of milling, environmental protection and low carbon, which meets the national energy-saving and emission-reduction requirements, and is easy to operate and low in maintenance costs. It belongs to intelligent operations and is also an important representative of industrial development entering a new stage.
perlite powder grinding mill
Clirik's annual output of 200,000 tons of perlite powder grinding mill project case
[Pulverizer Equipment]: CLUM Perlite Vertical Mill
[Processing materials]: Perlite
[Capacity]: 17t / h per hour, annual output of about 200,000 tons
[Granularity]: 325 mesh
vertical mill
Clirik builds a complete set of milling production line equipment, provides a full range of services such as milling machine selection, project configuration, and price setting. The annual output of 200,000 tons of perlite production line milling project is officially Clirik's meticulous case results. After commissioning and commissioning, Demonstrating the advantages of high yield, high efficiency, environmental protection and low carbon, the company expressed satisfaction with feedback. Clirik believes in creating value for its customers. We welcome you to inquire about the details of the flour milling case. We will wholeheartedly increase your income and generate escort for your milling project.
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