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Advantage and Characteristics of three rings mill, powder milling machine Three-Ring & Medium-Speed M

Three-Ring & Medium-Speed Micro Powder Milling machine has high efficiency and low cost.
Its capacity is raised by 40% compared with airflow mill and mix mill on the condition that the materials, the drive and the fineness of the final powder are the same.
The life span of tear & wear parts is more than that of straight impact crusher and turbine mill under the circumstance of same materials and fineness of the final powder. Usually, its life span is more than one year. There is no rolling bearing and screw in the grinding cavity, so as to avoid the damage to the machine caused by tear & wear of bearing and seals and the looseness of screws. The fineness of powder can reach ≤5μm with D97 once.
three rings mill
Technical data of three rings mill, powder milling machine

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