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How to reduce the noise of powder milling machine?

Powder milling machine is the key equipment to processing stone material. It is Suitable for grinding various ores and other materials and are widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal processing and glass ceramics production industry.
Following SHANGHAI CLIRIK in the long-term production practice process carefully developed several methods to reduce the noise of the Powder milling machine, and is available for reference:
1, set the elastic layer. Placement of a heat-resistant soft rubber pad between the inner surface and the lining of Powder milling machine, to prevent overheating of the soft rubber pad, and between the liner and a soft rubber mat of Powder milling machine placement thickness of 10 on a 15mm industrial felt will enable the mill noise is reduced to less than the allowable standard.
2, the outside of the drum wall insulation layer wrapped. Dressing mill roller wall with a layer of industrial felt, for surface protection, steel bolts fixed in the the drum outer wall, the sound insulation value will greatly improve. The roller ends do the same, good drum wall bandage seams sealed, sound insulation effect is also likely to increase.
3, with a rubber liner in place of the manganese steel liner, the noise level can be decreased by 9dB (A), the spectral characteristics are also changed by the high frequency to low frequency.
4, an increase of acoustic enclosures. Steel frame, thin steel shell, to within wiping damping layer and fill ultrafine glass wool or other sound-absorbing material, the entire Powder milling machine closed.
5 establish sound insulation between the anti-vibration operation, the workers in the control room for remote operation and instrument monitoring, with the outdoor to conduct regular inspections to reduce workers' exposure to strong noise and vibration.

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