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What is the price of an ultra-fine grinding mill production line?

The type of ultra-fine grinding mill of mining machinery is HGM ultra-fine mill, which can produce powders between 3 microns and 45 microns. This type of ultrafine mill has three categories: large, medium and small, suitable for investment in large, medium and small projects. We are a complete equipment manufacturer of ultrafine ore mills, not only providing mechanical equipment, but also providing a complete set of ultrafine powder production Construction of the project and general contract.
The use of ultra-fine grinding mill equipment is fine, and users have the final say. For investors, high-yield, good quality, long life, and easy operation. Milling equipment that can meet these requirements is basically capable of It's easy to use. The machine has always taken the user's needs as the development direction. We know how important a good equipment is. Therefore, we constantly optimize the structure of the pulverizer and improve its working performance, and strive to let you find good equipment that is satisfactory.
ultra-fine grinding mill
1. The floor-mounted installation of the mill, the height of the ground part is lower than that of the traditional mill, occupying less space in the workshop, saving investment in the production site and conducive to equipment maintenance;
2. The sealing of the roller bearing is a new type of sealing method, which realizes maintenance-free and oil-free, avoids the problem of powder in the bearing, and reduces the cost of equipment maintenance;
3. Innovative grinding ring and grinding roller design, optimized arc-shaped biting method, compared with the traditional old-style Raymond mill, it reduces the falling speed of the material through the grinding zone, extends the crushing and crushing time, and has the Raymond mill The machine's wide feed particle size requirements and ultra-fine mill's ultra-fine crushing function, crushing, grinding, ultra-fine refinement in one step, the fineness range is large;
4. The whole system runs under negative pressure throughout the process, without positive pressure area, the production environment is extremely excellent, the dust emission concentration is better than the standard, environmental protection grinding, green production.
ultra-fine grinding mill
ultra-fine grinding mill equipment
The working specifications of the pulverizer are diverse. According to the different output, it is necessary to configure the pulverizer of different specifications. The larger the model, the more expensive the price. As a direct selling manufacturer, we give you a very strong discount, omitting the middleman In this regard, the quotation given to you is the ex-factory price. In addition, we will also provide you with free installation and commissioning services, and will provide you with life-long after-sales protection during the subsequent operation process. Any faults can be solved by us at any time. It is a year-end promotion and many discounts. You are welcome to call or leave a message for free to learn more about the quotation details. In addition to online consultation, you can also visit the factory in person, the production workshop, the production site, you can personally inspect, welcome to come to Shanghai Clirik mill production base to visit, can provide raw material trial grinding.

If you want to know the ultra-fine grinding mill price or have any questions about ultra-fine grinding mill, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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