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How to choose the right stone grinding mill

There are numerous stone grinding mill equipment manufacturers, but the ore mill is originally a single product. After long-term development, it mainly includes Raymond mill, high-pressure grinding mill, micro powder grinding mill, superfine grinding mill, ultrafine vertical roller Mill, hammer mill, etc. So what do we want to choose the right ore mill?

1. look at the hardness of the material

From the above applicable range of different ore mills, their pressure resistance is different, so we need to select the equipment that can grind the material according to the hardness and pressure resistance of the material.

2. look at the product granularity

Different ore mills produce different particle sizes and different yields. We need to first obtain the desired product size according to the function of our products, and then select the suitable ore mill to meet the demand according to the product size. The type of ore mill and the corresponding model.

3. see product output

Generally, the equipment is high. The high output also means that the ore mill has high efficiency, good quality and high price. Based on the demand for production, the user can calculate the quantity and approximate price of the ore mill that needs to be purchased. Comprehensive comparison, compare the cost performance of the equipment, find a cost-effective ore mill that meets our needs.
With the continuous development of China's modern industry, stone grinding mills are used more and more widely in the industrial milling industry. Stone powder has been widely promoted and applied in many fields. It is very important to choose the mill.

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