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Mining equipment used for processing attapulgite

The attapulgite, that is, the attapulgite, is an aqueous magnesium-rich aluminosilicate clay mineral having a chain layer structure. Due to the special physical and chemical properties and process properties of attapulgite clay, it has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, building materials, papermaking, medicine, agriculture and so on. The current domestic use of coatings, drilling mud, edible oil decolorization.
Mining equipment for processing attapulgite:

1. jaw crusher

The preliminary coarse crushing processing of the attapulgite is carried out in order to better carry out the later grinding treatment. The device has the advantages of simple structure, large processing capacity, uniform crushing, low investment, small volume, and convenient operation and installation.

2. high pressure grinding mill

The high-pressure grinding mill is the core equipment of attapulgite processing. It adopts a three-dimensional structure to save space, and it can form a systematic grinding process. The fine powder of attapulgite after grinding is excellent in quality and impurities. Less, the screening rate is 99.99%, and the fineness can be adjusted between 30-425 mesh.

3. bucket elevator

Bucket elevator has good stone conveying function, its own driving power is small, the lifting range is large, the operation is reliable, the service life is long, and there are few faults.

4. electromagnetic feeder

The electromagnetic feeder is to send the stone uniformly and orderly to the main machine, which has many features such as simple structure, no lubrication, uniform feeding and continuous.
Attapulgite processing process:
The large attapulgite is initially crushed by the jaw crusher, and is transported from the bottom up to the silo by the bucket elevator, and then uniformly and continuously fed to the main machine under the action of the vibrating feeder (high pressure grinding mill) Powder machine) The inner powder is processed by the powder separator. The fine powder that does not meet the requirements is returned to the main machine for re-grinding. The fine powder that meets the requirements enters the finished silo or the powder tanker with the pipeline device. Uniform packaging can be.

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