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HGM Gypsum Grinding Mill Advantages

HGM series gypsum grinding mill made by Shanghai Clirik, Shanghai Clirik have more than 20 years ultra fine powder grinding mill machines R&D and manufacturing experience, compare with other grinding mill? How many difference HGM gypsum grinding mill has? And what's the gypsum grinding mill advantages?

1.Vertical structure, occupies small area.

2.Passing ratio achieves 99%.

3.Driving system of main frame adopts airtight gearing and pulley, drives smoothly and operates reliably.

4.Main parts of the whole plant are made from cast and steel of high quality.

5. Centralized controlled Electric control system , highly automated.

Above all are the advantages of gypsum grinding mill, but there are also other advantages
gypsum grinding mill

HGM Gypsum Grinding Mill is More Environment Friendly

Generally speaking, the lifetime of HGM gypsum grinding mill can use 2-5 years without repair or wearing parts change. As no rolling bearings or screws in grinding cavity, there are no problems caused by bolts shedding or rapid wear of bearings and seal components. The final fineness of the grinding materials can be adjusted between 300 mesh and 2500 mesh, and the product fineness of gypsum grinding mill can reach D97≤5μm. The application of pulse duster and muffler greatly alleviates the dust pollution and noise. Less powder lacking

High Customize Ability Gypsum Grinding Mill

With almost 20 years of experience R&D and manufacturing grinding mill machines, Clirik team can customize our gypsum grinding mill to your specific application. You can add an air heater to the system to dry the material before size reduction and classifying. A customized gypsum grinding mill from us can give you an all-in-one solution for your particle size reduction needs. We have the engineer manager will supply the gypsum grinding mill project setting schedule, so can according to your physical truth.

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