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Grinding mill related to your raw material

The hardness of the raw material: It can be seen from the working principle of the equipment that the hardness of the raw material is the key to the selection of the equipment, which causes investment in many aspects of the equipment's main engine, auxiliary equipment, infrastructure investment, and operating cost. If the Raymond mill is used to process ultra-fine quartz powder, a pressurized (hydraulic or mechanical) system is required to apply sufficient pressure to crush the material. The increase in pressure increases the manufacturing cost and operating cost of the equipment, especially the reliability of the magic stick and grinding disc The performance is greatly reduced, the failure rate of the pressurizing system increases, and the equipment shutdown and maintenance costs rise sharply.
Product particle size and particle shape; product particle size and its distribution and product particle shape are one of the most basic and important indicators in the industrial application of non-metallic mineral products. Although the product particle size distribution mainly depends on the classification equipment, the grinding equipment is in the processing period The composition of the distributed material particles will greatly restrict the efficiency of classification and the productivity of the equipment, which will greatly change the total investment. The particle shape is more closely related to the grinding method. For example, it is impossible to process ultrafine powders with high sphericity requirements by high-speed impact, because particles with high sphericity require grinding processing methods. Therefore, the ability of jet mill in this respect is quite weak. Low sphericity will result in poor material fluidity during subsequent processing of ultrafine powders, resulting in low powder mixing performance and reduced uniformity. What equipment is used to control the particle size and shape, whether it is through a one-stage grinding or a multi-stage grinding, and the crushing ratio of each grinding is more than ten reasonable, which greatly affects the total investment.
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Impurity characteristics: Impurity characteristics are the biggest taboo and difficulty in non-metallic mineral processing. Dealing with impurities is a difficult problem in the total investment. Impurities can be divided into two forms, one is primary impurities, and the other is foreign impurities incorporated during processing. For the former, methods such as fine selection of raw ore can be used to increase the purity of the primary ore as much as possible, that is, in the first process, equipment for removing impurities from the primary ore is used to try to exclude impurities from subsequent processing to greatly reduce Follow-up processing costs, and obtain the highest possible product quality, thereby obtaining high sales income and investment income. For the latter, strict isolation measures should be taken without relaxation at all parts of the equipment in contact with materials. The isolation method, equipment, isolation materials used and their costs are not a small amount. Especially the choice of isolation between loading and transportation equipment is often overlooked.
The most fatal flaws in products obtained from processing non-metallic minerals are impurities and removal problems, which should have attracted extremely high attention from the beginning. Impurities brought in during mineral mining bring extremely high costs to subsequent separation, sorting, processing, and impurity removal, which greatly increases production costs.

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