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2015 Clirik Raymond mill machine upgrades

Raymond mill belonging to the primary processing equipment, its processing fineness between 100 to 500 mesh, and many domestic manufacturers committed to Raymond improvement and research to improve the fineness of 600 to 800 mesh,Shanghai Clirik grinding mill plant bold innovation, according to market and customer needs to develop a set of energy-efficient, durable, and has a production of 1250 mesh ultra-fine powder processing capacity of the new ultrafine Raymond mill machine, the experiments and the user's actual production use, this new mill powder equipment superior technical performance and good economic returns.
The new ultrafine Raymond mill machine
The new ultra-fine mill improvements:
1. Improved classification system is the core part of ultrafine Raymond. Using a large vortex impeller replace the original classifier recovered grader blades, to be successful.
2. Improved Raymond breeze system. Good classification results to be obtained, in addition to the structural parameters grader itself to be reasonable, but also depends on the amount of wind through the classifier and flow rate. High pressure, low flow blower, nearly double than the average flow is small grinder, while the high-pressure N times; layout air duct must be short McNair, and do not smooth over, should not turn straight bend, and To absolutely avoid horizontal pipe arrangement.
3. Improved Raymond powder collector system, select the appropriate cyclone dust collector according to changes in the product fineness. Through innovative design a high efficiency cyclone consumer resistance rod system, the installation of the ultrafine Raymond cyclone dust collector, under the premise of maintaining the original collection efficiency, reduced by more than 20% resistance, greatly reducing the consumption of electrical energy. Improve the high number of days collecting powder capacity to prevent the dust spills, keeping the environment clean.
The new ultrafine Raymond mill machine and the traditional comprehensive performance comparison:
1. Yield: same raw materials to produce the same degree of fineness of product output increased by about 70% -90%.
2, the energy consumption: Unit tons of power consumption savings of 30% -35%.
3, the product fineness: the new ultrafine Raymond ≤1250 purpose can produce ultra-fine powder disposable products fully meet the national standard fineness of 800 mesh sieve through rate can be more than 99.97%, 1000 mesh product that is no more than large particles remaining.
By contrast can be seen, the new ultrafine Raymond mill machine realized compared to traditional high-yield, energy, fine grinding series of advantages, enhance overall performance, to achieve the desired goal of upgrading. Future I will also research and development degree of automation, product quality, reliability and durability to the next level of milling equipment, so as to continuously achieve the goal of upgrading.

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