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Ultrafine Mill Machine is your best choice

In mill machine industry, there are 2 kinds of mill machines. One is HGM Ultrafine Mill Machine, the other one is YGM Mill Machine. The most difference between them is the output size. The output size of HGM Ultrafine Mill is between 30-3000mesh, which is great smaller than YGM Mill Machine.Shanghai Clirik company is specialized in the production of ultra-fine grinding mill, ore crusher, milling machines and other equipment differential companies, professional class of materials for mineral properties and hardness and so on.
Ultrafine Mill Machine

Ultrafine Mill Machine has the advantage compared to the traditional grinding mill equipment? Ultrafine Mill Machine is in the original mill equipment has been established on the basis of the new improved design, combined with international advanced crushing grinding technology, a new type of ultra-fine grinding through long-term field experiments and nearly a hundred times and produced improvements equipment, Ultrafine Mill Machine is mainly targeted at some of the material users have very high research and development, compared to a conventional mill equipment more sophisticated material.
Ultrafine Mill Machine is the current era of technology, crystallization of decades of accumulated experience in manufacturing mill equipment, based on the development and improvement made, is the micro-milling equipment in an advanced technologies, can grind materials up to hundreds of species, the following are some common materials are: dolomite, limestone, calcite, talc, barite, kaolin, etc., to be lower than the hardness of the material Mohs hardness <6, if the hardness of 4 about time, it will greatly damage the wear see life.
Shanghai Clirik has many years in the field of Ultrafine Mill Machine, we present existing Ultrafine Mill Machines to improve the internal structure, the use of it in a more practical, more efficient and sophisticated structure, improve the overall productivity, if you want to know more about Ultrafine Mill Machine, please call or send e-mail to me.

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