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200-2500 mesh zeolite ultrafine mill machine price

ultrafine mill machine has an important application value in the production of nonmetallic ore. The production line of zeolite grinding mill is widely used in the field of processing 200-2500 mesh zeolite powders with high efficiency, low energy consumption and low comprehensive investment cost and become the best choice for zeolite to expand applications and create greater market value. Clirik take scientific and technological innovation as the mission successfully created a number of excellent milling equipment in the field of my manufacturing, to be outstanding enterprises for non-metallic mineral processing. CLIRIK ultrafine mill machine production line prices were in line with market development needs is worth trusting and supporting high-quality equipment.

In fact, the industrial use of zeolite is very rich, there is currently known of more than 50 uses. Zeolites have excellent ion exchange performance, adsorption performance, etc. was deeply loved in the petrochemical industry, chemical industry, light industry production, building materials industry, agricultural production, livestock poultry industry, environmental protection and many other aspects. In order to manufacture efficient, environmentally friendly high-quality zeolite ultrafine mill machine,CLIRIK learn the advanced milling process, increase the intensity of innovation on the basis of the original upgrade and successfully manufactured a new grinding mill which production capacity of 30-40% higher than ordinary mill, unit power consumption savings for more than 40%, is preferred equipment for the processing of 200 mesh high-quality zeolite powder.

ultrafine mill machine

[Maximum feed size]: <20mm
[Production capacity]: 5-45t/h
[Finished grain size]: 200-2500mesh

ultrafine mill machine is replacement equipment of the traditional milling machine. Wide usage, simple operation, easy maintenance, stable performance, high cost-effective, 30% -40% higher output than the traditional Raymond Mill, are a kind of economic and practical milling equipment.

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