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Do you know the feldspar grinding mill machine fineness thicker reasons?

Feldspar grinding mill machine powder particle size smaller up to 0.033mm, fineness of finished products are generally specified, consistent with the device model,if the sudden emergence of grinding mill machine finished product particle size becomes coarse, the finished product can not be achieved Industrial requirements, then lead to these problems arise for many reasons.

When we chose the grinding mill machine, we were more concerned with the final product fineness and yield parameters. We analyzed the integration of the following factors that may cause fineness Thicker problem.

grinding mill machine

1, if the feldspar grinding mill machine installation is not installed properly, the operation is not standardized, or the quality of the main material used by the device itself is not good, it will damage the blades, resulting in grinding operation problems , resulting in powder particle size becomes thicker;

2the analyzer blade wear and tear, the fan of the air volume is not appropriate, we know that the main role of the analysis of the blade is the finished product of the material analysis,if the analysis of blade wear serious, can not be finished material analysis, it may result Feldspar grinding mill machine coarse grinding;

3, the roller rotation is affected, the process of grinding material through the roller rotation, the roller and the grinding ring between the strong grinding force and friction, so that the material is more fully ground, if the roller Rotation is not flexible, it will greatly reduce the grinding capacity of feldspar grinding mill machine, resulting in the fineness of the finished product changes;

4, long-term impact of the ore and other materials,grinding mill machine back to the tube hole occurs,resulting in coarse material leakage to the region, resulting in coarseness;

If the finished product is found to be coarse during the grinding mill machine process, the accident phenomenon should be carefully analyzed to find out exactly why the feldspar powder has become thick so that measures can be taken in time to ensure the finished product processed by the grinding mill machine,and entire production line smooth operation.

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