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Medium and low hardness mineral powder processing with ultrafine mill machine

With the development of the ore industry, the processing technology of different hardness ore gradually matures. If the medium and low hardness minerals, such as talc, calcite and apatite, are to be processed into ultra fine powder, the ultrafine mill machine can achieve the particle size requirements,we use ore Mohs hardness to describe the grinding mill equipment crushing material can reach the strength.

ultrafine mill machine

ultrafine mill machine processing graphite hardness is generally hard or soft, grinding roller, grinding ring made of special materials forged, so that the degree of durability greatly improved.In the case of the same fineness of the material and the finished product, wear parts of graphite ultrafine mill machine have a longer service life than the Raymond mill.The effect of this grinding mill equipment in processing calcite, calcium carbonate and kaolin is even more better.

For the mining industry, the combination of crushing production lines, often to the customer to reflect a detail, that is, to understand in advance to be broken stone is high hardness, or low hardness, to know the specific requirements of users,the factory can configure the corresponding production line according to other requirements of the site.. For example, low-hardness graphite is an important solid lubricant and its use is extremely extensive. In the early stage, we may use the crushing program of the jaw crusher.

Here, I need to prompt the ultrafine mill machine users, weathering, fissures, impurities and aggregates and other factors will affect the hardness of minerals, according to different Mohs hardness, crusher, grinding mill in the crushing time, you need to overcome different forces,fineness and yield are different. Therefore, depending on the fineness of the powder to be processed by the mineral, CLIRIK offers the user a suitable ultrafine mill machine program.Send your inquiry details on our website to get a quote for free!

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