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Wear Principle Analysis of Roller Surface of high pressure roller grinding mill machine

High-pressure roller grinding mill machine as an efficient, energy-saving crushing equipment, has been more widely used in cement and building materials industries.

Through the research, it was found that the middle part of the drum shape was seriously worn, the pressure was weakened due to the lateral leakage at both ends, so the wear was relatively light. The higher the granularity of the material, the more serious the local shedding wear occurred. On the contrary, The friction plow and cutting effect are stronger. Roller, the local large fragile off wear belongs to the non-normal wear and tear, usually as long as the surface surfacing material selection, surfacing process meets the requirements, will not appear! This situation. Production practice, the main form of wear on the roller surface is a small part of the local brittle off wear and abrasion of the material on the roller surface. Roller surface wear mechanism analysis From the equipment design and manufacturing requirements, in theory, the pressure roller speed is the same, while high pressure roller grinding mill machine from the general requirements of the use of larger feed particle size should be less than a given particle size.
grinding mill machine

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