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What is the reason for the deformation of the Raymond Mill machine?

Raymond Mill machine barrel deformation will occur, recently a customer to reflect this problem, which factors caused Raymond Mill machine Body Deformation?

During the use of Raymond Mill machine, f there is a deformation of the situation, will bring a great impact on production. After hearing such a reflection, Shanghai clirik grinding mill technical staff made the following summary.

Raymond mill machine

In fact, Raymond Mill machine barrel deformation reasons, because after a long period of work, the cylinder will be affected by the temperature inside the Raymond mill machine. The cylinder temperature is high.During the cooling process, due to uneven force, the cylinder is deformed.

Hope that these can help you in the future use of Raymond Mill machine process to do the protection work.If you need more professional advice for Raymond Mill machine, you can leave your contact information on our website. We will let the technician send details to you.

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