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Medium speed mill machine's Installation and commissioning

Compared with other mills, Medium speed mill machine has the advantages of low power consumption, low wear and low floor space, but at the same time, it also has higher requirements for operation and maintenance. The Medium speed mill machine is a kind of rotating machinery with long construction period and complicated installation technology. The reliability of its operation will directly affect the safe production and operation. Because the Medium speed mill machine uses a hydraulic dynamic loading system. Medium speed mill machine test run time of a single machine cannot exceed 30 minutes before starting, and the installation quality of the Medium speed mill machine can only be verified during the load operation. To this end, we have done a lot of careful, meticulous and exploratory work, and finally the Medium speed mill machine is qualified to run.

Before the foundation of the Medium speed mill machine, the pre-embedded sleeve of the motor, reducer and drawbar platen bolts are fixed on the pre-embedded iron of the building according to the elevation and centerline of the drawing, and the vertical and horizontal axes are fixed to ensure the relative elevation of the sleeve. The position of the centerline can be filled within 2mm to fill the pre-embedded sleeve. According to the requirements of the manufacturer, the installation of Medium speed mill machine adopts no horn construction, and each plate is adjusted by adjusting bolts. The relative elevation error is less than 2mm. The absolute elevation error is less than 5mm, and the flatness tolerance of the reducer and motor platen is allowed. Less than 0.1mm. Board flatness tolerance is less than 0.1mm.

Medium speed mill machine

After temporarily fixing the base sealing device on the base, install the drive plate, fix the drive plate on the reducer as required, and adjust the gap between the drive plate and the base seal device between 0.5mm and 2.0mm and make the carbon sealing ring The circumferential clearance of the installation is even, ensuring the service life of the carbon sealing ring. After the base sealing device is adjusted, the welding is carried out. In order to prevent the welding deformation, the friction between the driving plate and the base sealing device after the operation is caused. It is necessary to use two welding machines for welding, first welding and full welding.

Install the cage before installing theMedium speed mill machine roller. The installation quality of the roller cage is the key to the vibration of the Medium speed mill machine. If it is not properly installed, it will cause vibration of the Medium speed mill machine to be relatively large and will affect The service life of the components of the Medium speed mill machine.

The main function of the analyzer is to re-grind the coarse powder that does not meet the burning requirements back to the grinding area. When installing, the analyzer should be folded to the door for an adjustment to make it flexible.

In addition to the above requirements, we also need to ensure that the reducer and the inside of the hydraulic cylinder are checked before installation to meet the eligibility criteria.
Our technicians have installed the Medium speed mill machine in this way. No abnormal situation has occurred so far. There will be no loud noise when the Medium speed mill machine is running, and there will be no leakage of powder leakage in each sealing part, indicating the installation method. It is feasible and effective and worth promoting.

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