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Holiday Arrangements of Shanghai Clirik

A few days later, it will be a traditional festival of Chinese---”Spring Festival”. As a Chinese enterprise, almost all the people in the company will have a long vacation, so that we can back home, and enjoy the good time with our family, or do something that we usually don't have time to do. In this year, we will have 16 days vacation, from Jan. 20 2017 to Feb. 05 2017. The “Spring Festival” has the longest holiday and it's the most important festival in all the festival in China.

2017 is “the year of the rooster” in China. Because, there are twelve zodiac in China, and it is worth raising that the zodiac is Chinese precious cultural products, twelve animals are the closest animals and to our daily life and social life, so they become the most familiar cultural symbols to people. So, every year in China is special.

spring festival

As we all know, Shanghai Clirik Machinery is a professional manufacturer of grinding mill. If you are interested in our products or want to make friends with us, you can leave your inquiry on our website. No matter what time is it, we will always supply the good service for you. And finally, the best wishes for you Happy New Year!

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