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Clirik's excellent service guarantees smooth operation

Clirik adheres to the business philosophy of quality and service, and has always escorted income for every grinding project. Clirik has perfect pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale services. It is down-to-earth based on customer needs and guarantees the smooth commissioning of each production line with high-quality services.
Pre-sales service
Pre-sale service is an important part of the entire production line. Through negotiation and in-depth exchanges, understand the project's production needs, customers will also fully grasp the manufacturer's production strength, product characteristics, team team, service level and other information to design Ideal selection scheme.
Sale service
According to the selection plan, complete the production work with quality and quantity, provide strict inspection data factory reports, and follow up on-site installation, commissioning, trial production, etc. in real time, and provide related technical training services to help customers do a good job of the micro powder grinding mill. Maintenance, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and other daily tasks.
micro powder grinding mill
After-sales service
Set up a special office and service center, think what customers want, respond to customer needs 24 hours, and do regular return visits every year to understand the operating status, maintenance and repair details of the mill in time.
Clirik uses the enthusiasm of machinery manufacturing to grind every micro powder grinding mill to contribute a good brand for China. It uses innovative grinding technology and the spirit of craftsmanship to keep improving, and contributes to the take-off of the powder industry. Clirik sincerely invites all customers to visit the base to visit and inspect together, to witness the Clirik milling of wit, create the future and share the magnificent moment of prosperity!

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