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Teach you how to choose the right Powder Making Machine

For the powder making machine, according to the fineness of the finished product, it can be divided into ultra-fine grinding equipment, micro grinding equipment and coarse grinding equipment, wherein the micro grinding equipment refers to the finished product fineness of the ground material. In the range of 80-3000 mesh mills, this type of powder making machine includes CLUM series vertical mill, European coarse powder grinding mill, HGM micro powder grinding mill, YGM raymond roller mill, these different powder making machine How to choose when using?
We already know the type of fine powder making machine, so when I buy it, in a certain production line, I need to use equipment that can meet a certain production demand. The equipment mentioned here refers to For certain types of mills, then when selecting the model, the reference is mainly based on the production.
powder grinding machine
Choose according to the needs of production.
Different types of fine powder making machine have different grinding effects when processing the same material. In order to obtain good production results, it is necessary to select the appropriate type of grinding machine, and the production demand is the main selection of the machine. According to the general, the reference factors mainly include the nature of the material to be fed, the size of the production capacity, the demand for the finished product, etc. These different requirements together determine the type of production required;
Refer to the manufacturer to sell later
After determining the model of the powder making machine, it is necessary to refer to the manufacturer of the mill, because the after-sales service provided by different manufacturers is different, and the machine plays a great role in the after-sales work. Said that in the installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, parts replacement and other stages of the aircraft, after-sales have played an important role, so which after-sales is complete, which is the preferred choice.
powder grinding machine
The above mainly introduces the purchase of the powder making machine. Firstly, it analyzes the types of the fine powder mill, and then analyzes the important types of the selection, and introduces how to select the type.

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