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Shanghai powder mill machine purchase tips

Many users in the purchase of Shanghai powder mill machine does not know how to choose right machine, just put their own needs to tell the seller after all listen to the seller recommended, some sellers will choose suitable Shanghai powder mill machine based on customer needs, and some unscrupulous the seller actually harm the user. In fact, when you buy Shanghai powder mill machine there are some tips today Shanghai Clirik for everyone to share with you. Shanghai powder mill machine tips, you can look at, to avoid being taken.

powder mill machine
First, from the appearance of the product quality inspection equipment, carefully watched Shanghai powder mill machine rack cabinet if there is bump phenomenon, whether there is a significant factory problem, such as manufacturing defects and serious damage, whether painting the outside of the bright and smooth, colors and reasonable whether there is leakage flow paint or lacquer, observation equipment of each fastener is complete, installed and fastened. Diaphragm check: First to open  powder mill machine chassis, the main need to see fixed grinding and grinding given grinding surface there locknut. Grinding surface should be flat, equipment machining shape to the rules, the device should be neat edge.
Shanghai powder mill machine according to manufacturer's next step is to check the reasonableness of operating instructions and device capabilities grinding gap adjustment mechanism. In the test machine conditions allow, in the purchase of powder mill machine power is necessary to carry out the test machine. By observing the overall functioning of the machine, if a problem test machine must be stopped immediately. The worn cloth interior equipment checks: At the end of the test machine, we need to open the case, carefully observe the worn state of the two grinding on. Distribution of wear scar is normal, general wear scar grinding edge to deeper, lighter in the middle of an appropriate, special attention is not the size of any cracks and gaps on grinding. Finally, the inspection of documents and spare parts such as: the purchase of powder mill machine grinding is required to check the certificate, the product nameplate and equipment manual, while also carefully inventory were equipped with tools and spare parts. Facilitate follow-up wearing parts replacement, also in the purchase of powder mill machine at the same time, the need to purchase multiple sets of grinding for backup.
I hope the above tips for the user to choose a suitable powder mill machine, if you have additional questions, Shanghai Clirik welcome to inquire.

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