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Shanghai HGM powder mill machine to become the flagship brand

2015 Shanghai flagship device HGM series powder mill machine, with its high fineness, high-yield, high-performance integrated obvious advantages, powder mill machine quickly occupied the domestic market, becoming one of the few large industrial milling equipment, Clirik development practice, mill market to develop, we must improve the quality of products.
powder mill machine
The new HGM series powder mill machine high fineness, high yield, low energy consumption, low investment. Innovative crushing equipment structure, by stamping, rolling, grinding and other multiple crushing, not only improve the cavity crushing force, fineness uniform and strong.
The new HGM series powder mill machine innovative structure, improve the classification accuracy, the smallest can produce less than 3000 Objective powder. Fine adjustment range 250 head to 3,000 mesh can produce a variety of fineness of products, not only for the production of ultra-fine powder, but also can replace the production of coarse powder raymond mill size products.
The new HGM series powder mill machine grinding rolls, grinding rings forged from special material, so that the degree of utilization is greatly improved, wear parts 2-5 times longer life, usually up to one year, processing of calcium carbonate, calcite time life of up to 2--5 years. The new HGM series powder mill machine using cavity without rolling mill, screwless design, so the question bearing and seal vulnerability does not exist, screw loosening and destruction of machine problems do not exist.
New HGM series powder mill machine environmental performance. Host using pulse dust collector to capture dust, use a muffler to reduce noise, with environmental protection, clean features. To build quality brand, service brand, is Clirik has been pursuing the goal. Technology and innovation as a pilot, to develop high-yield, high fineness, high-performance milling equipment, in line with the current needs of industrial restructuring.

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