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Features and quotes of steel slag vertical mill production line

Grinding steel slag powder, what kind of grinding mill equipment is more ideal? Clirik, a vertical mill manufacturer, is deeply involved in the field of industrial solid waste, and has devoted itself to developing high-yield and high-efficiency vertical mill equipment to meet the powdering requirements of industrial solid waste such as steel slag, slag, and water slag. The steel slag vertical mill production line supplied by Clirik is scientifically matched, customized and selected, and provided with scientific product quotations to generate revenue for customers.
Clirik pulverizer-CLUM ultrafine vertical grinding mill
[Into the grinding material particles]: 0-50mm
[Middle diameter of grinding disc]: 800-5600mm
[Moisture into the grinding material]: <15%
[Product moisture]: ≤1-6%
[Production Capacity]: 5-700t / h
steel slag vertical mill
How to sell steel slag vertical grinding mill production line?
What is the vertical grinding price for grinding steel slag?
Each grinding project has a different selection and configuration scheme, so the required product quotation is different. Clirik is an experienced manufacturer. Reasonably customizing the selection and configuration to help the project generate revenue is an important channel for the Clirik team to consider for customers. Combined with the fineness, capacity, equipment installation environment and other information of the steel slag grinding project, we can customize the plan and provide customers with professional product quotations.
Customers and friends who are grinding steel slag are welcome to learn more about vertical mill manufacturer Clirik. Clirik's scientifically customized steel slag vertical mill production line selection plan, using high-yield, high-efficiency, energy-saving and consumption-reducing advantages to help processing projects create value, contact: 008613917147829.

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