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Attapulgite Ore powder mill machine pulverization type

The ultra-fine powder mill machine has a processing range of 300-3000 mesh and is the main equipment in the mining mill industry. Recently, many customers have consulted the production process of the Attapulgite Ore powder mill machine. Therefore, Shanghai Clirik has made a simple schematic diagram showing the superfine crushing workflow and state. The Attapulgite Ore powder mill machine can be used for deep processing of ultra-fine powder. In the fields of aluminum oxide powder processing, potassium feldspar processing, barite processing, activated carbon processing, etc., Attapulgite Ore powder mill machine are indispensable equipment.
ultrafine powder mill machine
In the pulverization method, the Attapulgite Ore powder mill machine pulverization process can be divided into three types: dry type (one or more stages) pulverization, wet type (one or more stages) pulverization, and dry-wet combined multi-stage pulverization. The number of pulverized sections depends mainly on the particle size of the raw material and the required product fineness. For raw materials with relatively coarse particle size, a process of finely pulverizing or finely grinding and then superfine pulverization may be employed. Generally, the raw materials may be pulverized to 74 μm or 43 μm and then subjected to a superfine pulverization process; In addition to the materials that are easy to agglomerate, a multi-stage ultra-fine pulverization process can be used to improve the working efficiency. However, in general, the more the number of pulverizing sections, the more complicated the process flow, and the greater the engineering investment.
Attapulgite Ore Powder Mill Machine
The state of the pulverization pulverizer is divided into two modes of addition and subtraction. When the fineness is increased, the productivity becomes smaller. On the contrary, the fineness is reduced and the productivity is increased. The analysis system of Shanghai Clirik Mill uses high-precision rats. The cage analysis disc plays a strict screening role for the passage of materials. In the same equipment of the same industry, the selection of the Clirik powder mill machine is the right choice.

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